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Michael Godard Art Collection

Michael Godard, also known as the Naughty Artist for his highly sought after paintings of life's vices, exploded into the art world, bringing his original subjects to both the long time connoisseur and a new generation of collectors.

Godard is widely recognized as one of the most versatile albeit controversial artists of our time. He was commissioned by the Double Platinum Rock Band Dishwalla to create the cover of their third album Opal... Full Biography.

Seven Deadly Zins Photo Seven Deadly Zins, Michael Godard
T'd off Photo T'd off, Michael Godard
Last Martini Photo Last Martini, Michael Godard
Custom Martini Photo Custom Martini, Michael Godard
Olive Bunnies Photo Olive Bunnies, Michael Godard
T'd Off Photo T'd Off, Michael Godard
Marlin Martini Photo Marlin Martini, Michael Godard
Shoot The Wad Photo Shoot The Wad, Michael Godard
Martini Limbo Photo Martini Limbo, Michael Godard
Olive Party II Photo Olive Party II, Michael Godard
Ollie Capone Photo Ollie Capone, Michael Godard
He Devil She Devil Red Wine Photo He Devil She Devil Red Wine, Michael Godard
Money To Burn Photo Money To Burn, Michael Godard
Golf Martini Photo Golf Martini, Michael Godard
Olives Gone Wild Photo Olives Gone Wild, Michael Godard
19th Hole Photo 19th Hole, Michael Godard
Shoot The Wad Photo Shoot The Wad, Michael Godard
Zen Martini Photo Zen Martini, Michael Godard
Gangster Love Photo Gangster Love, Michael Godard
Screw The Cork Photo Screw The Cork, Michael Godard
Cherry Cosmo Photo Cherry Cosmo, Michael Godard
Poker Chips Big Slick Photo Poker Chips Big Slick, Michael Godard
Shoot The Wad Photo Shoot The Wad, Michael Godard
Rat Pack Photo Rat Pack, Michael Godard
Classic Martini Photo Classic Martini, Michael Godard
Gangster Martini Photo Gangster Martini, Michael Godard
Burning Blackjack Photo Burning Blackjack, Michael Godard
Pocket Rockets All In Photo Pocket Rockets All In, Michael Godard
$100 Bill With Dice Photo $100 Bill With Dice, Michael Godard
He Devil She Devil Martini Photo He Devil She Devil Martini, Michael Godard
Artworks on Sale
Manhattan Mary 5 Photo Manhattan Mary 5, Erte
Vegas at Night Photo Vegas at Night, Independent Artist
Lying Nude Photo Lying Nude, Independent Artist
The Journey Photo The Journey, Independent Artist
Cocktail Photo Cocktail, Independent Artist
Chagall Window 1967 - Official U.N. 6c Envelope Photo Chagall Window 1967 - Official U.N. 6c Envelope, Marc Chagall
Elephants In The Wild Photo Elephants In The Wild, Graeme Stevenson
Tenderness Photo Tenderness, Gary Benfield
Americana Photo Americana, Independent Artist
Vernazza Boats Photo Vernazza Boats, Alex Perez
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Bill Clinton Inaugural, An American Reunion II Photo Bill Clinton Inaugural, An American Reunion II, Peter Max
Tatiana Photo Tatiana, Yana Ranevska
Untitled IV Photo Untitled IV, Anna Thornhill
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Giclee on Celluloid
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Sculptures - Bronze
Figurine (Earthenware)
Silkscreen on Paper
Handcast Paper
Original Acrylic on Panel Board
Hand-Signed Photograph
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