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Michael Godard Art Collection

Michael Godard, also known as the Naughty Artist for his highly sought after paintings of life's vices, exploded into the art world, bringing his original subjects to both the long time connoisseur and a new generation of collectors.

Godard is widely recognized as one of the most versatile albeit controversial artists of our time. He was commissioned by the Double Platinum Rock Band Dishwalla to create the cover of their third album Opal... Full Biography.

Shoot The Wad Photo Shoot The Wad, Michael Godard
Gangster Martini Photo Gangster Martini, Michael Godard
Money To Burn Photo Money To Burn, Michael Godard
Pool Shark II Photo Pool Shark II, Michael Godard
He Devil She Devil Red Wine Photo He Devil She Devil Red Wine, Michael Godard
Praying For Seven Photo Praying For Seven, Michael Godard
Rat Pack Photo Rat Pack, Michael Godard
Olives Gone Wild Photo Olives Gone Wild, Michael Godard
Nasbar Photo Nasbar, Michael Godard
Golf Martini Photo Golf Martini, Michael Godard
Key To Wine Photo Key To Wine, Michael Godard
Lost In Paradise Photo Lost In Paradise, Michael Godard
Dirty Martini Photo Dirty Martini, Michael Godard
Custom Martini Photo Custom Martini, Michael Godard
Screw The Cork Photo Screw The Cork, Michael Godard
No Lifeguard On Duty Photo No Lifeguard On Duty, Michael Godard
Last Crawl Photo Last Crawl, Michael Godard
Pool Shark Photo Pool Shark, Michael Godard
Shoot The Wad Photo Shoot The Wad, Michael Godard
Sand Bar II Photo Sand Bar II, Michael Godard
Even Dirtier Martini Photo Even Dirtier Martini, Michael Godard
Money To Burn Photo Money To Burn, Michael Godard
Poker Chips Big Slick Photo Poker Chips Big Slick, Michael Godard
Zen Martini Photo Zen Martini, Michael Godard
Olive Party II Photo Olive Party II, Michael Godard
$100 Full House Photo $100 Full House, Michael Godard
Bubbly Bath Photo Bubbly Bath, Michael Godard
Gangster Chopper Photo Gangster Chopper, Michael Godard
Money To Burn Photo Money To Burn, Michael Godard
Gangster Love Photo Gangster Love, Michael Godard
Artworks on Sale
Bugs Bunny - Yankees Stadium Photo Bugs Bunny - Yankees Stadium, Warner Brothers
Jesus Photo Jesus, Duaiv
Mary Photo Mary, Sergey Ignatenko
Olive Martini Photo Olive Martini, Lisa Grubb
Indian Summer Photo Indian Summer, Avi Ben-Simhon
Untitled Photo Untitled, Madani
Ten Commandments Photo Ten Commandments, Sami Zilkha
Cheshire Cat Mug Photo Cheshire Cat Mug, Romero Britto
Mystery Photo Mystery, Rina Sutzkever
Happy Dog Photo Happy Dog, Lisa Grubb
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Purgatory 22 - Lavishness Photo Purgatory 22 - Lavishness, Salvador Dali
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Hell Canto 3 - Charon and the Passage of Acheron Photo Hell Canto 3 - Charon and the Passage of Acheron, Salvador Dali
Hell Canto 27 - Soothsayers and Sorcerers Photo Hell Canto 27 - Soothsayers and Sorcerers, Salvador Dali
Purgatory 6 - Deaths by Violence Photo Purgatory 6 - Deaths by Violence, Salvador Dali
Hell Canto 32 - Traitors Against Their Country Photo Hell Canto 32 - Traitors Against Their Country, Salvador Dali
Purgatory 18 - The 14th Level: Accidia Photo Purgatory 18 - The 14th Level: Accidia, Salvador Dali
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